Nobody Is Perfect

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia - Nobody Is Perfect

Nobody is perfect. I’m pretty sure this is something we all can agree on. So why is it SO hard for us to take ownership when we are wrong?.Nobody likes being wrong and nobody likes being blamed for a bad outcome, but too many times we aren’t willing to recognize the truth in an effort […]

In The Trenches

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia - In The Trenches

In the trenches. We aren’t living in the same country as we were a year ago. The narrative and its accompanying actions have been designed to make us feel that way. .“The two main purposes of propaganda are to change people’s minds and mobilize them for action. Once the propagandist’s beliefs have been executed, propaganda […]

I Am Rural America

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia - I Am Rural America

I am rural America. I can tell you there isn’t anything “poor” or uneducated about it. I’m not sure why the media would have us believe that by repeating it over and over again. 5 miles of country road running today and not a soul in sight the whole way. Just me, the sun, the […]

Consistency Over Extremism

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia - Consistency Over Extremism

Consistency over extremism. When my vet told me Francess the Alpaca was a bit skinny my reaction was to fill her trough with alfalfa and let her eat as much as possible right away. .Of course my vet told me that wouldn’t be a good idea. She would likely get sick from all that protein..I […]

Kindness Is Not For Weak

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia - Kindness Is Not For The Weak

Kindness is not for the weak. Kindness isn’t just about being nice and giving lip service to others. Genuine kindness requires skill and thoughtful action. Sometimes that means sharing understanding to help others avoid hardships. .Some words on kindness from one of my favorites Mr. Jim Rohn..“Learn to be strong, but not rude. It is […]

Oh Lord Help Me

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia - Oh Lord Help Me

Oh Lord Help Me, it’s only November and I’m already looking back on the summer. This little baby was definitely an unexpected highlight. .The “Winter blues” are real. I love summer, it’s definitely my favorite season. When winter comes I feel like my life is cut in half. Gardening, harvesting veggies, cutting fresh flowers for […]

That “Dark Winter” Thing

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia - That Dark Winter Thing

That “Dark Winter” thing, was that scheduled for today? Feeding Alpacas on a gloomy snowy day. .Policy versus personality. Someone’s personality has little to no affect on our life depending on how much we let them affect us. Sure, there are people that we don’t enjoy being around, but for the most part we can […]

Did He Say 4 Masks Now?

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia - Did He Say 4 Masks Now?

Did He Say Four Masks Now You may be closer than you think. How would it feel to know that you could be only a few steps away from a transformation that empowers you forever?❤️🙏🏼.Instead of hanging on to frustrations I’ve been really trying to understand why so many people feel like resolutions only come […]


Tammy Cuthbert Garcia - Resistance

Resistance Why do we create resistance on cue? I’ll admit my morning didn’t go as planned and I wasn’t happy about it. Time slipped away and I quickly realized my morning run wasn’t going to happen.🥲🏃🏻‍♀️.Ever dwell on things that in turn control the way you feel? That’s easy to do when things don’t go […]

Are We In Service?

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia - Are We In Service?

In Service Are we in service? That may sound like an odd question to ask ourselves. It may even come off as kind of a cliche phrase. It makes me think of “new agey” type talk. .Makes me skeptical at first glance because a lot of those new agers who talk about “service” have also […]