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Breath Work

Naturally Inspired Health Tips - Breath Work

A regular breathing practice has been shown to reduce stress, tension and anxiety. Breath work helps people get to sleep faster and can improve lung function overall.
Some techniques work quickly for immediate relief. Others may work best with practice over time creating a routine that signals the body for relaxation. Working toward a regular breathing practice before bed can have a big impact on sleep and more.
Some other benefits
Increased Immunity
Increased energy
Lowers blood pressure
Improves circulation
Pain management
Improves mood
Improves digestion
The 4-7-8 breathing technique is a breathing pattern developed by Dr. Andrew Weil. It’s based on an ancient technique called pranayama, which helps practitioners gain control over their breathing.
Breath in to the count of 4
Hold breath to count of 7
Exhale to count of 8
A 4:6 breath pattern inhale to four and exhale to six can be used easily on the go for reduced anxiousness and tension. Bring intention to the heart center for more of a calming effect.
Do not underestimate the power of breath work. It may seem like it’s not doing much when you first start, but keep at it and you’ll be amazed at the results.
Most of us don’t even realize how shallow our breath is until we start such a practice. Awareness makes all the difference.

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