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Tammy Cuthbert Garcia - Censorship, Information And Media
Censorship, information and media, Oh my!
Oh my is right. So many people suffering from fear, worry and doubt largely in part to what we consume through our devices everyday. 🥴
In an effort to understand this highly emotionally elevated time I’ve been diving into some lectures and research about writing and communication.
Readers and watchers of news used to look to content for information that was of value to them. They wanted informative news that helped them make sound decisions. Information about weather, political issues and events happening around the world and in their community. They wanted to be informed so they could be prepared to respond accordingly. 🤨
I think that has shifted, people now consume news like entertainment. It shifted quite a while ago when news became a 24 hour cycle instead of a couple of 1 hour broadcasts spaced throughout the day.
In an effort to keep an audience engaged in a 24 hour news cycle networks moved toward capturing audiences with emotionally charged presentations of news. This tendency grew over time and now, in my opinion it has gone way too far. I believe it’s largely responsible for bringing us to the brink of civil war. I’m not sure they will ever be able to walk it back and report legitimately again.🤯
Many people are now looking to content that makes them FEEL a certain way. This is called confirmation bias. We should be looking to content that makes us THINK about the ideas in it not to produce a feeling in us.
It’s pretty hard to think about ideas when all the thinking has been done for us and is being presented like a soap opera with a colorful cast of characters. Bad guy versus good guy. That’s what I see now when I watch mainstream media. It’s actually insulting. 🤢
Someone sent me a MSM”news” clip over the weekend that sounded like the reporter and his guest were reading from an advertising script.
They had a very clear motive. It was to inform the audience that taking the new 💉 would be incentivized. You will have special privileges like going to concerts and everyone will know you have done the right thing because you will have a special card or pin that tells them so. No thinking or questions required. 🤢 It sounded like they were convincing a group of toddlers. Not presenting any of the other facts on this topic is flat out irresponsible and is leading to even more division.
We can take responsibility for the content we watch when we understand how to identify what kind of content we are consuming.
Here’s are a few tips I summarized from the Director of Writing at the University Of Chicago, Larry McEnerney.
Good Content:
Acknowledges there ARE opposing views. Doesn’t demonize them.
Uses words that convey that there is another side to their point of view throughout the piece.
Function is to move the conversation forward it isn’t to preserve the ideas indefinitely.
It aims to bring value to the reader. How to respond.
It’s intent is not to convey the writers emotions by using inflammatory language and drama.
Tells us why we should think this way about this by using contrast. Not gaslighting. Just because you say it doesn’t make it so.
It argues points instead of explaining them.
We have the power to discern what we find valuable in terms of the content we consume. When we are honest with ourselves by asking what value am I getting out of taking this information in? Then we can decipher what is necessary to respond appropriately versus what is only filling a need to feel a certain way. 🤪
Our feelings have consequences, they can cause people to act in ways they might not when otherwise informed. Allowing third party influencers like media outlets to feed rising emotions will inevitable bring us to actions that may not be reversible. Even worse, unnecessary actions.
Losing freedoms like free speech and the right to care for our health as we see best. All based on what? One sided opinions fueled by emotions so we can feel a certain way? It’s up to us as consumers if we want to change this dangerous dynamic of information. We should consider that nobody will continue to spread content solely based on one sided emotions when nobody is consuming it.
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