Some Things You Can Control.
Your beliefs.
Your standards.
Your thoughts.
Your perspective.
Your attitude.
What books you read.
How often you read.
How honest you are.
Who your friends are.
What you do with your free time.
Where you spend your money.
How you express yourself.
Who you trust with your stories.
How much time you give to worrying.
The amount of effort you put in.
If your thoughts will be in the past, future or present.
How often you will exercise.
Whether you will take a stand for what you believe
Whether you care about how others perceive you.
Whether or not you judge other people.
Whether you will quit or keep going.
How often you will reflect and practice gratitude.
Choices don’t come without consequences. There will always be consequences to our choices. We shouldn’t let them control our decisions.
Many times we think the sacrifice is too hard in the beginning only to learn later that not having made the sacrifice sooner is harder. We can control many things that make a great impact on how we feel.
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