Detach for Happiness

When the worlds gone crazy and it seems like everything is inverted it’s time to practice self preservation. 🤪
So how do we detach without being aloof or in a state of denial?🤨
“True detachment isn’t a separation from life, but the absolute freedom within your mind to explore living”-Rathbun
When we are attached to an object, goal or specific outcome we feel like if we don’t have it we will be affected negatively in some way.
We experience feelings of
Just off the top of my head I can name alot of things I was “attached” to getting that I didn’t get and boy am I sooooo grateful I didn’t! Maybe you can too?
An old farmhouse that as it turned out needed probably 500k in renovations.
A cabin in the mountains that is now a hot spot for forest fires.
That guy that turned out to be a vacuum salesman con man. 😂 phew! dodged a bullet there.
You get the point. Not all the things we think we want are good or will even bring the outcome we want.
Take notes: Being an observer of what kind of thoughts we have habitually is the beginning of awareness about attachment. We know we are attached to an outcome when we have charged emotions around the thoughts.
Discern feelings from reality: Our egos might tell us an outcome will have a huge impact on our future when in reality it won’t. The actual situation is the same as its only our thoughts about our future potential that have likely changed.
Get comfortable with uncertainty: “Only a willingness to embrace the unknown provides certainty”-Deepak Chopra. Security is an illusion, that stems from attachment to outcome. We have no ability to control outcomes and trying to will create frustration, let down and a constant roller coaster of emotion. The more comfortable we are with uncertainty the more peace and happiness we can experience.
Replay Dodging the Bullet: Reviewing past outcomes that did not end up the way we wanted helps us break down the thought patterns we are practicing. A little jog down memory lane when we feel we are attached to a certain outcome helps put things in perspective.
Ditch Perfect: Practicing detachment is a thought pattern habit. Like any habit it takes time and repetition to build it. Recognizing that we realize attachment to outcome could be squelching our own good feelings is the first step in transforming our behavior.
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