Expand Your Consciousness

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia - Expand Your Consciousness

Expand Your Conciousness

Expand your consciousness. What does that really mean? Does it sound new age or “woo woo”?🦄
It may sound that way to those of us who aren’t entirely sure what it means.
Let’s take a look at some ways to expand consciousness. I think when defined, what we will find, is it’s not very “woo woo” at all, but actually a very healthy life practice.🌱
Gratitude: Practicing gratitude helps negate negative thinking. It’s difficult to be frustrated or angry when you look at things through the eyes of gratitude. Good vibes attract more good vibes leaving us more receptive to growth.
Perspective: Be mindful that other people have different perspectives on life. We don’t all hold the same view because we don’t all have the same experiences. Many people have had experiences that lead them into areas of study that we have never even considered. That doesn’t make them wrong! It may mean that we just don’t have any experience in that area. Judging others without real discernment could cost us an opportunity to expand our own consciousness. Explore new ideas and different perspectives.
Authentic: We cannot expect to expand on anything that’s unauthentic. Being authentic frees us up to be our true selves without worrying about pleasing others or trying to control how other people see us, which we will never be able to do. People will perceive us how they want and that’s ok let them.
High Frequency Foods: Fried foods full of sugar and fat tend to make us feel dragged down and lethargic. Eat clean, choose a diet of vibrant foods rich in color and as close to their natural state as possible. Skip the processed stuff!
Movement: Many people describe feeling like they are “stuck”. Feelings of depression and anxiety can build when we aren’t moving. Our thoughts create feelings and feelings can quickly turn physical. “The mental benefits can be especially powerful for people who suffer from depression. In a 2006 review published in the Journal of Psychiatry & Neuroscience, researchers found evidence that exercise can work in a similar way to antidepressants, alleviating major depressive disorder by promoting the growth of new neurons in the brain”.
Real Quiet: For many people sitting quietly on their phone is all the quiet they get. How quiet is it in your head when you are using your phone? For me I know that’s actually one of the noisiest places I can be. Practice being in complete quiet.
Express yourself: Be creative without ego. Create to express not to impress. When we let go of expectation with our creativity we are free to really express ourselves and grow stronger. A feeling of comfort and knowing comes from letting go of ego. We don’t need affirmation from others because our expression is bigger than us or any recognition we may want to receive. 🙏🏼
Being open to expanding our consciousness means we are open to receiving and contributing to a growth mindset. It doesn’t mean we have to adapt our thinking to every idea we hear. It’s a healthy life practice that keeps our hearts and minds open to giving and receiving all the benefits of our own and others life experience. ❤️
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