Dropping expectations.
My expectation was for an early spring🌷. I can’t tell you how ready I am for gardening weather. Reality check, temperature has been as low as -2 this week.
Walking around the world can create all kinds of feelings especially when we have expectations that aren’t being met.
For many of us the world feels like a dystopia where people have lost there grip on reality.
I saw a story in a local paper today promoting social distance dating. It pictured two people kissing while wearing masks. Another photo pictured two people “drinking” shakes while wearing masks. Image seems to be of outmost importance these days rather than reality.
So many are trusting a story that’s being told through their screens rather than their own assessment of whats going on around them.
Our culture is being led by politically motivated agendas and its operating outside the realm of what is real, what is practical, and what is sustainable.
To keep ourselves rooted in what IS real we have to plan specific activities that will cultivate health and drop expectations for what should be out in the world.
Here are five things we can do to create a healthy mindset in a world gone mad.
Create Sacred Space: A space where there are none of the rules we see in public now. No masks, no social distancing and no thought policing allowed. 🏠
Take an Observatory View: “Rather than being the thoughts and emotions, BE the awareness behind them”-Eckhart Tolle. Model the behavior we want to see and drop the expectation that others should follow.
Recognize the small moments of joy: Petting an animal, playing with a child, enjoying healthy food, laughing, gardening, a cup of tea or coffee. Practice gratitude for all the small things, you’ll find gratitude will leak over into all areas of life when practiced regularly.
Ask for Help: Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Asking for help is a win, win. Too often we perceive asking for help as a weakness. It isn’t, it’s a sign of strength. Yes, the person asking receives help, but the person giving the help receives the gift of helping. There is great fulfillment in being able to help when asked. When we ask for help we are the giver of that gift.
Don’t underestimate the power of silence: When we start practicing stillness it may seem like it’s not doing much for us. The truth is, it’s difficult to verbalize how silence like meditation or grounding affects us. In the beginning in particular it may feel like it’s not doing anything at all. Let go of the expectation and just do. In time we will know it’s benefits and still will not probably be able to articulated how. Trust the process as it unfolds.
When we drop our expectations we are free to put forth actions that make us feel good in the present. We live in the moment without disappointment or excitement from a desired outcome. We can appreciate outcomes as they reveal themselves without risking that they don’t meet our expectations.
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