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Deprivation Binge Cycles.
A very restricting regimented eating plan can lead to deprivation binge cycles. Low calories maintained by sheer will power leads to inevitable binging on calories at some point.
Be aware of diets that restrict calories to insanely low amounts while offering supplementation with bars or shakes in place of food.
We must learn to adapt in our environment. That means we need to learn how to live in a world where unhealthy choices are readily available in mass quantities. Learning how to avoid them and make healthy choices is a strategy you can implement forever.
Remember, you are building a lifestyle. That means it’s a life you can live and enjoy long term.
Deprivation binge cycles do not bring lasting results.

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Tammy Cuthbert Garcia is an organic lifestyle entrepreneur, holistic nutritionist, podcast host, radio show personality, health writer and spokesperson for health freedom. She began hosting “Naturally Inspired Podcast” in 2019 where she interviews top minds in healthy lifestyle solutions and health freedom. She makes guest host appearances on AM FM radio and also has a daily show called “Naturally Inspired Daily”.

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Tammy Cuthbert Garcia - Help Defeat Censorship

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