Personal Responsibility

Tammy Cuthbert Garcia - Personal Responsibility

Personal Responsibility

Masked Grocery shoppers with carts full of junk food at the store today. I can’t help but notice it is a direct display of our health culture. There is little regard for the correlation between our health and our habits.🍎
Doctors can’t make you healthy. Teachers can’t make you learn. A trainer can’t make you fit. A nutritionist can’t give you the results of a healthy diet. A mask can’t keep you from ever getting sick.
At some point we have to realize our health is our personal responsibility. ☑️
We live in an Information Age. Information is plentiful yet we have some of the highest chronic disease rates in the world.
There is a disconnect. That’s why focusing on solutions that don’t get to the root of the problem never work long term.
When we focus only on surface solutions we never have the opportunity to find out why we landed in a spot where our results are not what we want them to be.
Instead of focusing on external fixes we should focus inward on why the issue is there in the first place.
What habits do we have that may be harming us? What learned behaviors are we practicing that are producing unhealthy results? What belief systems do we carry about our health? What is acceptable care to us and why? What are our health standards?
We didn’t land here overnight. Masked and afraid. It has taken years of social programming to disconnect from our bodies innate capabilities.
There is no one sized fits all plan that suits every body. Every body is unique and requires a customized approach to health. There isn’t a pill for every ill without consequences. We have to work to maintain health.
The results you want lie within you. The information we need is available when we start asking the right questions. 💛
Instead of asking why can’t I lose weight?
Ask, Why am I eating these unhealthy things?
Why am I putting my health at risk for momentary pleasures?
What am I getting out of these unhealthy practices that I’m not getting out of healthy life practices?
How would it feel to practice healthy habits and get the results I really want?
How would it feel to not have to feel negatively about my health anymore? How would it feel to have more control over my own health?
The problem is not in the information we have available to us. The problem lies within us. A change in the way we view health is needed. Health care should not be reactive it should be proactive.
No amount of doctoring, teaching, training, dieting or masking can fix us without first looking within. We should be asking why are we not doing what we need to do to be healthy and lower the risks to our health?
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