Small Moves Big Results

We can waste a lot of time spinning our wheels with strategies that offer a little bit of traction toward a short term result or we can stop fiddling around and start doing the work that will bring us lasting results.
This kind of work isn’t a quick fix. It doesn’t mean we start a diet or a new routine for a short period of time longing for the end of it.
It means we recognize the changes we need to make need to be permanent. When they become permanent we embrace the actions we take because we are who we need to be to have the results we want. We want better health more than we want instant gratification in the moment.
The more health cultivating habits we have the easier it is to push unhealthy habits out.
It doesn’t work for the long term when we pretend to be someone for a short period of time to get results. Our psychology around our health is key to building the habits that work long term.
Real health is achieved with many health promoting habits in repetition over time. When we understand that’s what it will take we don’t want to waste anymore time with short term fads.
Here are 7 shocking health benefits to some simple healthy habits.
Tired? Excercise: A study published in medicine, sports and excercise found that levels of fatigue and depression improved after 30 mins of excercise.
Choose an activity to boost mood: Many studies have shown that for long term impact on mood exercise is more effective than prescription medication for many people. Movement can change our state of mind in minutes.
Losing a few pounds can put you in a whole different health bracket! Losing as little as 2 pounds of weight can decrease your blood pressure. “The efficiency of weight loss is quite remarkable, with as little as 2 pounds of weight loss producing a one point drop in blood pressure” 4-8 pounds can decrease blood pressure by 3 to 8 points.
Read labels: Watch labels for calories, just being mindful of what we put in helps us be aware of what we really want. A macchiato 380 calories. Coffee with almond milk 17 calories. Perfume can be full of up to 380 chemicals including phthalates and parabens. Organic Essential oil contains health promoting properties from plants and herbs and can ease stress tension and boost mood.
Pop a probiotic or eat fermented foods: Boosts immune system, helps maintain healthy intestines, supports weight loss, good source of fiber, helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels, promotes digestion and healthy youthful skin.
Drink water like it’s going out of style: Our bodies are made up of 60% water. Water affects the function of every cell in our body. Be purposeful with drinking water. Minimizes headaches, improves joint and muscles work better. Keeps the body cool. Facilitates the bodies natural detox system.
Eat Fat: Consider satiating foods. Cutting fat for airy carbohydrates that seem light is not always the best decision. Foods that contain natural fats tend to be more satiating and we need less of them to feel satisfied. Healthy fats that are Nutrient dense keep skin glowing while creating healthy portion control habits.
Veg out first: Harvard says “A diet rich in vegetables and fruits can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, prevent some types of cancer, lower risk of eye and digestive problems, and have a positive effect upon blood sugar, which can help keep appetite in check. Making the commitment to start each meal with fruit or vegetables is an easy habit to incorporate. It’s much easier to add foods than focus on what we should take away. Save the least healthy thing on your plate for last and watch your choices change overtime. Eventually we willingly choose to rarely have unhealthy choices on our plate.
Doing the work is really worth it. Focusing on fast results tends to be our outlook when we decide to make changes to our health. The problem is focusing on fast results is usually a short term plan for what should be a long term health journey.
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