Tammy Cuthbert Garcia - Stay Firmly Planted

Stay Firmly Planted

Keep yourself firmly planted. Some days headlines seem to find us even when we aren’t looking for them and that can be tough. 🙋🏻‍♀️
We are immediately thrown into a reactive state by what we hear or read. Some of these new announcements make me wonder how we will be able to navigate this system that’s being forced upon us.
Today’s headline from a CEO of an airline announced that it’s very likely ALL companies will move to a mandatory vaccine model. The very infringing digital tracking system known as the health passport is already set to be rolled out.
Maybe some people applaud this action?
While others are petrified by it?
Any loss of freedom for the people is not a cause to celebrate in my opinion. 🥲
Perhaps this step will bring a sense of security to some? Like the Patriot Act response to 911 did? Airports have never been the same. Neither are our schools after Columbine. They mostly look and operate like prisons now. When the new protocols are rolled out and the pandemic is in hindsight will anyone even remember what it was like before the pandemic? When people walked around maskless? It seems the mask has already embedded itself into our culture through music videos, commercials, tv shows and more.
I still remember what it was like to cross a border with just a drivers license, although it feels like a lifetime ago.
For a large part of our population it means they will now be faced with a very difficult ultimatum. Be able to participate in life normally, go to a store, get on a plane, go to a public event, see family OR risk their health permanently including possible risk of death.
The fact is not all health protocols are safe for every BODY.
Everyday new words are being redefined or censored completely. Our restrictions become more permanent and two weeks to flatten the curve now seems like the foreshadowing plot of a horror movie.
Although it looks like the train is headed right off the tracks I chose to remind myself today to stay firmly planted. It’s not happening today.
Too often we live in what might happen or what’s already happened. Instead we should aim to live in the present.
There is always hope and nobody can really be sure what will happen next. Whether we are facing challenges on medical freedoms, freedom to work, or the ability to move about without government interference.
Whatever happens, we will only really be able to deal with it when it happens in the present. There is no use wasting today or yesterday on what may or may not actually happen. Stay firmly planted in today so it’s not stolen by tomorrow. ❤️🙏🏼
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