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The Power Of Definition

Naturally Inspired Blog - The Power Of Definition

A definition is the statement of the meaning of a word, phrase, or term, as in a dictionary entry.
Nobody is arguing that there isn’t a whole lot of bad information online. Although there are definitely people who spread bad information for the purpose of misleading others (bots) I think there are far more that don’t.
So why all the conflict? If we can’t agree then surely we should be able to respect each other and agree to disagree?
Part of the problem lies within the tools we are using. They aren’t the same ones we used to use.
The vocabulary we used in the past has been changed or perhaps even highjacked. The once common understanding of a word is no longer common. The delivery method has also changed. Social graces and cues are non existent virtually.
Without agreed upon definitions and an acceptable delivery method the words we use are ineffective. This could not be more evident on social media.
Language provides a road to expressing meaning so we can understand one another. Without it we are lost. Might as well be speaking a whole other language with no translator.
Social cues and parameters keep the communication productive and rolling toward resolution. When one or more participating parties does not adhere to the system the exchange falls apart quickly.
There is definitely an art to conversation. The best conversations reflect
There’s nothing wrong with asking, what is your definition of that, so you can better understand what is meant.
For example,
Myocarditis was described as a serious heart condition with some hospital admissions resulting in death in 2017. Additional information cites a 5 year survivability rate without transplant.
Myocarditis is recently described much differently. Sources indicate it is managed easily medication.
If we have different understandings of what defines myocarditis then it makes sense that we may have different conclusions when facing risks.
If we want to find resolution we have to agree to define our words on a truthful common meaning.

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