Toxic Burden

False security. One of the many reasons I don’t support masking is because it’s a lie. Masks do not offer the protection the chosen “experts” have led many people to believe. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Putting our trust in a mask rather than the bodies own built in capabilities is a sure path to failure. If our health is so poor that our best line of defense is a mask then we are in serious trouble. There is mounting evidence that masking may even lead us into being sicker.😳
A Mask is not a plan for health. Its NOT an effective way to improve health or protect the general population from getting sick. If we believe it is then we are creating a false sense of security, maybe even taking risks we shouldn’t be by believing the mask will protect us.
You know what is an effective way to improve health? A healthy lifestyle.
Besides the obvious things like eating fresh, sleeping, exercise and supplementation one thing we should consider is our toxic burden.
“The term ” toxic burden ” refers to the load of harmful compounds, both natural and man-made, that have accumulated in our bodies at a given point in time”.
Where does toxic burden come from?
It starts in the womb. The chemicals stored in our mothers body have the ability to cross the placenta and transfer into breast milk. One large study from the EWG found that the blood of an umbilical cord contained an average of 287 chemicals!
Where do toxins come from?
Toxins come from both natural and man made materials. Mold and mycotoxins are examples of natural toxins while cosmetics, soaps cleaners and plastics are examples of man made toxins.
What happens to our body when our toxic burden is high?
Headaches, hormone disruption, aches, pain, foggy thinking and disease.
When our bodies natural capabilities are burdened by a higher toxic overload they have to work harder to eliminate them and our immune system becomes taxed leaving us open to other intrusions.
Here are few household items that we can switch to a natural based product to help reduce our toxic burden. (, nontoxic for
Shampoo aver. # of chemicals 15
Body Lotion aver. # of chemicals 32
Deodorant aver.# of chemicals 15
Perfume aver. # of chemicals 250
Household Cleaner # of chemicals 130
Lipstick aver. # of chemicals 33
Nail polish aver.# of chemicals 31
If we are aware we can easily take action to lower our toxic burden each day just by making a few switches to a more natural based product.
Bringing down the number of toxins we expose ourselves to coupled with healthy eating, sleep, supplementation and exercise is a real plan for protection against getting sick.
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