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According to studies like the one printed in Current Biology from 2016 our bodies adapt to higher physical activity levels so that even if you exercise longer and harder than someone else, you’re not automatically shredding more calories than them. And unless you improve your diet, you’re no more likely to lose weight, either.
In short, the fitter we are the less calories we burn just doing regular things throughout the day.
The body is constantly adapting. It finds the most efficient way to complete work by using the least amount of energy. Yay survival mechanisms!
This is why we can’t rely on excercise alone for health and we definitely shouldn’t use exercise alone for weight loss.
Exercise is fantastic for our health. The benefits are numerous but whoever started the lie that you can run off those unwanted pounds should be hung up by their eyelids. 🤣
Working on building muscle mass while maintaining/decreasing fat levels with nutrition strategies will burn more calories all the time as muscle cells require far more energy and nutrition than fat cells.
We’ve been sold the idea that our health challenges can be solved with a compartmentalized approach. The reality is when it comes to health we should be writing a song that sounds more like a symphony and less like a guitar solo.
Implementing multiple activities daily builds a lifestyle that produces healthy results.
Track food to meet targeted amounts.
Reduce/eliminate the use of toxic products.
Move, do challenging physical things that you enjoy regularly. Remember, the body does not know the difference between the work we do in the gym, on a mountain trail or in a parking lot.

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Tammy Cuthbert Garcia is an organic lifestyle entrepreneur, holistic nutritionist, podcast host, radio show personality, health writer and spokesperson for health freedom. She began hosting “Naturally Inspired Podcast” in 2019 where she interviews top minds in healthy lifestyle solutions and health freedom. She makes guest host appearances on AM FM radio and also has a daily show called “Naturally Inspired Daily”.
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Tammy Cuthbert Garcia - Help Defeat Censorship

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